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What STS Plumbing Has to Offer
STS Plumbing Services is a local company that has been established by a third-generation plumber who has more than 18 years of experience, named Simon. He developed the company in order to resolve simple and complicated plumbing problems in an efficient and affordable manner. People who have broken plumbing systems will experience many inconveniences. One of which is an increase in the water bill. They may also experience mold problems without them knowing it until an inspection is conducted. Likewise, they may also experience clogging of sinks and toilet bowls. Similarly, an unpleasant odor may occupy their homes or offices. Many may not also be aware that when clothes are washed in a washing machine that has a troubled plumbing system, the items will have a recognizable smell that is not pleasant to the nose.
The company has a skilled plumber mosman, Neutral Bay, St. Leonards, Lane Cove, Chatswood, and Crows Nest. Thus, many individuals can be accommodated at the same period of time. It is also known for responding to inquiries and problems within 24 hours. Another good thing is that all quotes received are upfront. Thus, people will have an initial idea on how much they will spend. Also, in case some parts need to be bought, the plumbers of the company can easily acquire them at a reasonable rate since the company already established a good relationship with the different businesses in the area. The professionals of the company are ready to repair kitchen, toilet, bathroom, garbage disposal unit, appliance, and water heater plumbing systems. They are also capable of unclogging drains, pipes, and lines. If possible, they can also work on the property's sewage system.
Apart from troubleshooting plumbing systems, the company is also licensed to provide renovation services. It also has a long list of subcontractors who can help them accomplish the project in a timely and efficient manner. One of which is bathroom renovation. People can choose whether they want to just change their tiles or change the interior look of the bathroom. The latter includes changing of toilets, shower screen, vanities, and more. However, clients should be aware that such process can require a lot of time which is usually from three to five weeks. It will also cost them a huge amount of money from $4,000 to $60,000. Such considerations will depend on the size of the project that will be accomplished. The good thing is that the company promises that the accomplished renovation project can last up to 20 or 30 years.
Another project that can be accomplished by STS Plumbing's professional is small kitchen renovation. Its team of professionals assures that they will be guiding the client from start to finish. Likewise, people should not worry about cost since they can work with any budget. The kitchen renovation project package offered by the company include selecting of design and product, disconnecting of existing fixtures and pipes, appliances, fittings, supplies, cabinetry, and bench tops, and installing and repositioning of pipes, drains, fixtures and hot water systems.